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NEW 12 (2012)
Cullum has lost everything – his job, his friends, his family, even his sanity. And now he finds himself lying on the floor of a no-star hotel sucking cheap vodka out of the disease ridden carpet. Over him stands his long-suffering wife Michelle, who can bear to watch no more. But the journey to a new beginning has to start somewhere and maybe, finally, Cullum has had enough. But he has no idea of the even tougher road that lies ahead.

Duration: 90 mins Cast: 4 male, 2 female

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NEW Communion in the dark (2007)
Movies. In the post-millennium they play a crucial role in growing up. They teach us about life, death, sex and everything in between. We learn who we are by the characters (and actors) we identify with on screen – Willy Wonka, Ghostbuster, Raging Bull. We connect with certain films, actors and characters so strongly it’s like a spiritual experience. A communion – in the dark. This is the story about one man and how the movies he watched made him who he is – for better and worse.

Duration: 90 mins Cast: 1  male

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10 minute plays
NEW Darkness on the edge of town (2014)
A collection of six of Alex’s edgiest short plays. This collection includes the award winning scripts of The First Fireworks and The Gift of the Gun as well as the relationship drama Lonesome Cruiser, the tense stand-off Blood Reversal, the marriage exploration Mozart and the end of time and Jade, about teacher-student relations. Perfect to be performed by two young males, one older male and one younger and one older female.

Duration: 100 mins Cast: 3 male, 2 female

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10 minute plays
NEW Gentle kisses, strong embraces (2007)
Sam is lonely and spends too much time online, lots of it sifting through the mountains of spam he gets every day. But when he receives an email from the lovely Irina she can’t possibly be real. Can she? A comedy about spam, spamming and true love … maybe. 

Duration: 70 minutes Cast: 2 male, 1 female

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10 minute plays
NEW Lazy days in Magenta (2014)
AURORA: Didn’t you see the sign on your way in? Magenta isn’t a place. It’s a state of mind.
Magenta. An idyllic retreat on the north coast of NSW. The perfect place for a holiday home, a getaway. Or an affair. Michael and Aurora have embarked on a passionate, all consuming love affair. It’s just an affair. Or at least, that’s what they keep telling each other. No one can get hurt, can they? As long as they keep it within boundaries. But it’s hard to keep emotions within tightly drawn lines. What happens when the colours starts to blur? 
AURORA: The sea. The lake. This room. You. Perfect. 
MICHAEL: Perfect.
AURORA: I love you.
MICHAEL: And I love you.

Duration: 70 minutes Cast: 2 male, 1 female

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10 minute plays
NEW Love and other non-fatal injuries (2014)
A lighter look at love in the modern world. Similar to David Ives classic collectionAll in the timing, this is a collection of six of Alex’s most popular short plays, together these plays have been produced over 200 times. The plays can be performed by just four actors (two males, two females) with the added bonus that the actors get to play three or four roles each in the night, which audiences love. They love to admire an actor's flexibility! Fast, funny, romantic and a little bit sexy, Love and other non-fatal injuries is something different from the standard longer plays.

Duration: 90 mins, Cast: Flexible, minimum 2 male, 2 female

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10 minute plays
NEW The Oracle – A Musical (1994) PERFECT FOR SCHOOLS
ORACLE:- “Divine Revelation; Person or thing serving as an infallible guide or test.”

The Oracle is dedicated to the preservation of our planet, to all living organisms and the children of tomorrow.Fiercely topical and highly entertaining, The Oracle explores the future of our fragile planet and reinforces the need for environmental awareness.The Oracle, written by composer Terry Burgan (Cuckoos, Urban Guerillas) and playwright Alex Broun, (Short+Sweet, Pick Ups, Desire), is the ecological musical of our times.

Duration: 100 mins Cast: 3 male, 1 female, 9 male/female

To read the full script or listen to the score contact Alex on abroun@bigpond.net.au or visit The Oracle website
10 minute plays
NEW The Salsa Plays(2007)
In a local Salsa School, regular Cuban Salsa dance classes are taking place. Friendships are formed and broken, secrets are revealed and a bird lays dead. But despite all the drama, there is the dance - it is what connects the participants to each other. 

The Salsa Plays were developed by Alex Broun and the Short+Sweet Melbourne Script Development group (Bobbi-lea Dionysius, Ingrid Gang, Justyna Kiczor, Kate Prestt, Daphne Quah, Nathan Slevin, Janeen Sonsie, Kate Shearman and Lara Woolf) from 2007-08. The aim of the group was to develop ten minute plays for large casts of women. The starting point for the plays was a weekly salsa class and the actors developed characters based around that environment. Alex then facilitated improvisations where the characters were brought into dramatic situations and developed narratives within the class context. The improvisations were then recorded and edited by Alex to create The Salsa Plays. The plays may be performed separately or together to make up a full evening of theatre. 

The script download includes all seven of The Salsa Plays: Waiting For Jacqueline (2009), The Salsa Slur (2007), Death in the Salsa Class (2009); Lemon Tart (2007), Salsa Party (2007), The Competition Rehearsal (2007), and Dressing Room (2007).

Duration: 7 x 10 mins Cast: 3 males, 8 females

The Salsa Plays were first performed by Archway1 Theatre Company in Sydney, Australia. The production was directed by Rachel Jordan and featured Andrew Fritz, Anja Meyer, Robert Brennen, Campbell Smith, Tuyen Le, Christie Ikonomu, Sarah Anne Wiles, Katie Lees, Kate Michelle Grove, Pip MacLachlan and Iseult Champion.

10 minute plays
NEW The Paper Wall (2007)
Set in a high security juvenile detention centre. Dr Ian Wallace, a psychotherapist with a tragedy in his past, is given the assignment of evaluating seventeen year old Troy Anderson prior to sentencing. Anderson has pleaded guilty to a violent and shocking crime, so horrific in nature that it has caught the attention of the nation. But despite the plea, the street smart and rage-filled Troy is adamant of his innocence. It is up to Wallace to solve the mystery and then make a recommendation about Troy’s future but in so doing the doctor is forced to face aspects of his own troubled past. Perhaps the answers lie with Stan, Troy’s deceptively simple and caring father. But his answers may have more to do with Dr Wallace than his own son. Part thriller, part psycho drama The Paper Wall explores the ever shifting terrain of the psyche, twisting and turning through dark corners and shared moments of hope.

Duration: 80 mins, Cast: 3 male, 1 female

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10 minute plays
NEW The Wall 
Based on an original play by Beejan Olfat
Benzir, a recent arrival from ‘Turkey’, is trying to hold on to a job as a contractor painting a wall, but he is not helped by his rebellious son Zan who’d rather be out partying than painting. But a few nights later when Zan finds himself at the infamous “wall” in Darlinghurst, a chance meeting with Greg, a young health worker, could be the key to reconciliation between father and son. 

Duration: 30 mins, Cast: 4 male

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10 minute plays
NEW torn (2013)
“There is no God, the stars are dead. There's just you and me battling it out to the death. Forever.”
A city. Now.Four people in various stages of connection: Susan, a lawyer is linked to Cade, an advertising executive. Gerry, a voice over artist, is linked to Ayeshah, Susan’s PA. With echoes of Patrick Marber’s Closer, torn is about the impossibility and possibility of love in a modern world where choices abound and nothing is forever. 

90 mins Cast: 2 male, 2 female

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10 minute plays
NEW Trafficked (2014)
Based on the life, words and writings of Sophie Hayes, a courageous survivor of human trafficking who dedicates her life to stop trafficking and helping others survive. For more information on the life and work of Sophie Hayes go to http://www.sophiehayesfoundation.org/

Duration: 30 mins, Cast: Flexible, minimum 2 female, 1 male/female

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10 minute plays
10,000 beers (2008)
The Panorama Pirates are a Rugby team. They had a good year. Not a great year, but a good one. As is traditional at the end of the season they head off on their end of season tour. Their aim - to drink 10,000 beers over the course of one weekend. That's one hundred beers. Per man. Per day. This is what happened.
DOUG: Mad Monday?
REED: Stuff that.
TOBY: This is Wild Weekend.
DOUG: Very Wild Weekend.
LEN: Very fuckin' Wild Weekend.
REED: Watch out Melbourne.
ALL: The Pirates are coming! Piiiirrrrraaaattttes!

Duration: 80 mins
Cast: 4 male

10,000 beers was workshopped by Playwriting Australia as part of a creative development grant in May 2009. The workshop was directed by Wesley Enoch with the following cast: Damon Herriman (Len), Craig Annis (Doug), Ryan Johnson (Toby) and Conrad Coleby (Reed). The play was first produced by Darlinghurst Theatre, Sydneyon September 28th, 2011. The production was directed by Lee Lewis with the following cast: Gus Murray (Doug), Andrew Steel (Toby), Anthony Taufa (Reed) and Matt Zeremes (Len). The Set Designer was David Fleischer, Sound Designer: Ron Barlow, Lighting Designer: Luiz Pampolha, Lighting Associate: Angela Suarez, Assistant Director: Ben Wood, Fight Consultant: Scott Witt and Production Photographer: Brett Boardman. The play was nominated for an AWGIE for BEST STAGE PLAY in 2012.
Free Preview This play is available to purchase through the Australian Script Centre. To purchase your copy CLICK HERE
Blind City (2001)
One night over the city a mysterious blinding light appears in a clear evening sky. For days afterwards the city reels from the flash's effects as people try to unlock the secret of the strange light in the sky. But in the weeks following another more lasting effect of the flash begins to emerge. Everyone in the city seems to have been affected by the flash in some way. Everyone has their own flash story. How the flash has become a pivotal point in their life - forcing a decision, marking a turning point, causing a shift in perspective. Through a rich collage of encounters, the city's inhabitants are brought to life "post flash" as they struggle to solve the mystery of the flash. Guiding us through this modern day "inferno" is Steve, a male nurse at a psychiatric hospital and sometime drag singer. Like Virgil to our Dante he leads us through the city, introducing us to its inhabitants.

Duration: 100 mins
Cast: Flexible - Minimum 2 male, 2 female

Blind City was first performed at the Bondi Pavilion in Sydney in 2002 and at the Darlinghurst Theatre as part of the Sydney Festival in 2003. The production was directed by Kym Weatherley and performed by Sophie Gregg, Jonny Pasvolsky, Graeme Rhodes and Sarah Smuts-Kennedy.
Blue Gold (2007)
Gail and Ken Limes have discovered a precious commodity on their property in outback NSW. Something more precious than gold. They are lured to Sydney on the promise of big bucks by commodity trader Reading. It looks like they are set for a big pay off until the mysterious "Disciple" arrives and threatens to blow the whole deal. A very topical comedy.

Duration: 30 mins  Cast: 2 female, 4 male

blue gold was first performed on November 16, 2011 at Siena Heights University in Adrian, Michigan, USA. The production (pictured) was directed by Sarah Nowak with Tim Ray as Ken, Natasha Ricketts as Gail, Paul Karle as Spruce, Dylan Sliker as Reading, Don LaFollette as Disciple/Wayne and Kelsey Morse as Rachel.Thanks to Sarah for sending the photos through..

This collection of nine short plays features plays between five to fifteen minutes in length covering a variety of performance ages, styles and subjects. From two plays for Secondary or Primary students (Twenty Dollars and Qwendolyn's Gambit) and two plays for Asian Australian performers (Yell(ow) and The Dead Sun) the collection ranges through to more hard hitting plays for adult performers dealing with Australia's immigration detention centres (Southern Cross Swastika), unrest in the middle east (Tel Aviv Disco Bombing) and war remembrance versus war glorification (Armistice Day). There's also a comic exploration of the nation's obsession with pokie machines (Five Kings) and a comedy about mis-placed love (You).

Duration: 90 mins Cast: 17 male, 9 female, 4 male/female

All the plays have been performed in various short play festivals throughout Australia and the world. (PLEASE NOTE: You contains adult themes and is not suitable for young audiences)
This play is available to purchase through the Australian Script Centre - click here
Desire (1994)
"Surface, surface, surface" - Bret Easton Ellis, American Psycho
Sydney. Summer. In the nightclubs, bars and cafes of the harbour city four young people are searching. But what for ? Sex. Love. Friendship. DESIRE follows the lives of four young adults - Lara, Kate, Gerald and Patrick - caught in a web of interlocking friendships, relationships and romance. A quartet striving for some substance in an image obsessed world. When it broke Box Office records at the Crossroads Theatre in 1994 - The Sydney Morning Herald said DESIRE "hums with an inner city pulse of traffic, caffeine and designer drugs." The Telegraph Mirror described the play as "slick and fast moving" and "an accurate reflection of where it's at", while the Australian National Playwright's Centre said DESIRE has the "makings of a cult theatre classic." When was the last time you saw a play that explored the way you feel ? DESIRE is that play. Sex, love or friendship - what do you want? 

Duration: 120 mins Cast: 2 female, 2 male

Desire premiered in Sydney in 1994 to critical and box office acclaim and has since enjoyed successful seasons in Adelaide, Melbourne and Cape Town in South Africa. The play helped launch the careers of Radha Mitchell (pictured) and Christine Stephen-Daly, two of the original Laras.
one act plays
In this short play for young people The Wicked Queen, Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Lancelot, Snow White, Noddy, Big Bad Wolf, Tinkerbelle and Alice In Wonderland leave Storybook Land and travel forward in time to confront the dreaded 20th Century creature known as the 'Movie' who is locking children in big back rooms and forcing them to watch strange little pictures on big white screens. Consequently they are unable to read their books. Along the way they must also confront Vince, King of the Video Games, and his dastardly band of Silicon chips. 

Duration: 20 mins Cast: 5 female, 5 male

First performed by Australian Theatre For Young People (ATYP) at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney in 1984, directed by Jane Westbrook. 
Half a person - My life as told by The Smiths (2006)
William is too smart for his long-black-drinking, tight-jeans-wearing, emo-hairstyle-sporting, The-Smiths-worshipping good. He only exists to devour coffee, despise 'people' and worship the patron saint of wrist-slashing: Steven Patrick Morrissey. He stumbles from café to cemetery in search of a companion or maybe just a confidante. He runs headlong into Salome; the obtuse, obstructive, agent of seduction that slithers her way into his addictive personality. Meanwhile, the best friend that he never knew he might not have one day, Rick, is struggling with his own desire for William and his dwindling mortality. William is trapped in a terrible triangle; the girl of his dreams treats him like dirt, his best friend is in love with him and on top of this, The Smiths have broken up. Beautifully dark, funny and painfully touching, this play is set to the music of The Smiths.

Duration: 90 mins Cast: 1 male

HALF A PERSON: MY LIFE AS TOLD BY THE SMITHS was originally commissioned by FLY-ON-THE-WALL THEATRE. It was premiered as part of the 2007 Feast Festival in Adelaide, Australia and subsequently was produced in Sydney (2008) with two seasons in Melbourne (2010) at Chapel Off Chapel, directed by Robert Chuter and performed by David Foster and then Mark Taylor.

Music Re-Creation by SIMON POLINKSI and COLIN BERWICK.It was then presented by Cross Cut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2012, directed by Donald Pulford and performed by Joseph Murray.

Thanks to: Robert Chuter & Christopher Pender at Fly-On-The-Wall Theatre & Laundry Goat in Melbourne, Australia.

For more information or to read the script contact Alex on

one act plays
Here and There (2005)
A collection of ten short plays that carry a strong message about Australia - where it's at, where it's going and it's place in the world. The first act - There - set elsewhere in the world deals with addiction, loyalty in war time, guns, grief, extremism and the personal and professional cost of truth. The second act - Here - set in Australia deals with more domestic issues such as Donuts, Apple Pies, mis-communication, the absurdity of advertising and more serious concerns such as Australia's, especially young Australians, obsession with war and sacrifice.

Duration: 120 mins Cast: 15 male, 9 female, 1 child

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Hold'em (2008)
Amari's Dad died before he could fulfill his dream of playing Texas Hold 'em poker in Las Vegas. Will Amari fulfil that dream for him? Should she try? And what will that ambition do to her friendship with Kelly-Anne? A fast moving drama in one act for two versatile actresses.

Duration: 30 mins
Cast: 2 female

Hold 'em was first produced at Short + Sweet One Act in Sydney, Australia in September 2008. Directed by Victor Kline with Emma Harris and Renee Lim. The photo shows the Theater of Western Springs production in Western Springs, Illinois, directed by Peggy Carlson with Nell Agnew-Fisher as Amari(left) and Stacy McCargoas Kelly-Anne (right).

Judas, the Hero (1999)
This controversial play retells the biblical story of Jesus from Judas Iscariot's point of view. Reviled in history as the great betrayer, who surrendered the "Son of God" for thirty pieces of silver, who was this man - the 12th Disciple of Christ ? Judas the Hero explores an oft forgotten aspect of the story - Judas' role as a revolutionary, trying to free Israel from the hated Roman occupying force, by any means possible. Thus when he meets Jesus, and sees a man followed by "ten of thousands" of worshippers, Judas believes he has found the man who will help him free Israel. For awhile it seems as they are on the same path. Judas thinks he has found a fellow revolutionary and works with Jesus, acting virtually as his "campaign manager" attracting followers and spreading the word of revolt. But as the play progresses the two paths diverge and as time slips away and Judas feels Jesus' legions of followers losing faith he decides drastic action is required. An epic piece of theatre perfect for Drama Schools, Youth Theatre or Secondary Schools that focuses on the timeless conflict of - the Will of God (Jesus) versus the will of Man (Judas). 

Duration: 150 mins  Cast: 27 male, 5 female

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Co-written by Alex and his sister Charlotte, this award-winning play takes place on a hot summer city night in King's Cross, Sydney, Australia. It tells the story of three teenagers - 13-year-old Rino, his friend George, 17, and her sometime boyfriend Fletcher, 18 - caught up in a lifestyle with no rhyme, nor reason. The play attempts to show their anger, disappointment and frustration with the world and with themselves. The play also explores the fantasies (and substances) they use to escape from day to day life, and shows how for some, at certain points, the only way to go is out.

Duration: 100 mins  Cast: 5 male, 2 female

Just Oncewas firstperformed by The Australian Theatre for Young Peopleon Thursday 17 July 1986 at The Rocks' Theatre, Sydneywith the following cast:
Imogen Banks (Astradyne), Lisa Hensley (George), Daniel Cordeaux (Fletcher), Morgan Lewis (Rino), Larry Turnbull (Man), Mark Ferguson (Woods) and Felix Williamson (Youth). The production was directed by Colette Rayment, Assisted by Adam Cook and Designed by Genevieve Bluett. Pictured is the poster from the Dress Circle Productions production at the Studio Theatre, Newtown in 1994, directed by Bryan Cutts.

Lost (1992)
In this offbeat, quirky comedy Edith, the TR (Temporary Receptionist) at the Big Advertising Agency, has a big problem. She's got something in her cupboard and she doesn't know what to do with it. Who can she turn to? V MacGregor - the AM (Account Manager) - but V has other plans. Tonight she's got some VIB (Very Important Business) with a VIC (Very Important Client) and she's got no time for rescues mission, especially in Villawood. But Edith can be very persuasive, especially when she wraps herself around your legs and refuses to let go. And so it's off on a big adventure in the distant land of Suburbia: a mysterious place where all is not what it seems. But out there in the middle of divine interventions, mistaken identities, familial connections and bad karaoke singing - just might await salvation. Mystery, suspense, murder, loads of laugh and a whole lot of action: the show for every TR and AD in town - and the rest of us. 

LOST was first performed by Stageworks Theatre at Belvoir Street Theatre - Downstairs, Sydney in July, 1992, with the following cast: Pelagia Jordan, Jennifer Coyne-O'Brien, Michael Greer and Ken Welsh. The production was directed by Nicholas Papadametriou and designed by David Waller. 
Monologues (2004)
This collection of over 20 monologues – many drawn from Alex’s full length play Blind City - are perfect vehicles for actors to show off their range. The monologues are excellent audition pieces or work brilliantly as a stand-alone performance, either individually or combined. (Actors are welcome to edit the monologues to any desired length.) 

Duration: 2 to 10 mins Cast: 1 male or female

Many of these Monologues were first performed as part of Blind City at the Bondi Pavilion in Sydney in 2002 and at the Darlinghurst Theatre as part of the Sydney Festival in 2003. The production was directed by Kym Weatherley and performed by Sophie Gregg, Jonny Pasvolsky, Graeme Rhodes and Sarah Smuts-Kennedy.

one act plays
pfv (potential for violence) (1991)
Summer. A stinking hot day with the threat of an even hotter night to come. A single room shack, somewhere in the outback. The lights come up on a simple barren room. In front of the window, on a sturdy wooden chair sits The Boy. About 18 years old, his hair is unkempt and his skin untidy but his eyes are ablaze with unknown purpose. Across the room The Man is sitting on the floor, arms tied around the legs of another chair. His eyes are covered by a large crude blindfold and his mouth is stuffed with a gag. Thus begins this tense psychological battle of wills with two excellent roles for male actors. Over the course of one day and one night a shared history will emerge, a tragic event that shaped both their lives will be revealed - one man will live, another will die.

Duration: 70 mins Cast: 2 male

pfv was produced by Voices Theatre Co-op in Newtown in 1991 and by Stageworks Theatre at Belvoir Street Theatre Downstairs in Sydney the following year. Pictured are Christopher Holloway as The Boy and Andrew Smith as The Man in the 2009 production in Madrid, Spain, directed by Smith.
one act plays
Pick Ups (1993)
Alex's most produced full-length play. Critics all over the globe have raved about this hysterical insight into the lighter (and darker) side of modern dating, as a minimum of four talented actors bring to life a myriad of "pick-uppers" and "pick-uppees" in every possible combination. There's twosomes, threesomes and even foursomes. Pick-ups in high-class bars and seedy nightclubs, restaurants and theatres - even in bathrooms. There's lines everybody knows and some you wish you never knew. Lines that are being trotted out in nightspots all over your city tonight. A virtual encyclopedia about the art of scoring big... and striking out! A night on the town will never be the same again. "Love is the drug and I need to score."

Duration: 90 mins Cast: 2 male, 2 female (The play can also be performed by a much larger cast if desired.)

After traversing three continents and thrilling audiences from Birmingham to Cape Town since it first premiered at the Bondi Pavilion Theatre in 1993, the outrageous international comedy hitPick Upswas nominated for the Vita Award for Best Play in South Africa in 1998 - and has since gone on to almost 20 productions across the globe. "Hilarious!" - Daily Telegraph; "A truly remarkable piece of theatre." - Natal Mercury; "Like a Quentin Tarantino movie on stage." - Time Out, London; "Great lines... an insight into the mating game." - On the Street; "Wrings out the laughs." - Sydney Morning Herald. 

one act  plays
Scenes from an Affair (2000)
"Haunting, beautiful, touching" - Cape Times "A palpable hit!" - Cape Argus
A play is in rehearsal. A is the director, B is the leading lady. The play is an adaptation of Guy de Maupassant's story "Was it a dream?" The story is about a woman, Petra, who is having an affair. In real life A is involved, so is B. But the attraction between them is giddy and insistent. One night after rehearsals they go to see a play - they drink champagne, they listen to music, they kiss ... They begin an affair. In this intense romantic two-hander we see scenes from A and B's growing affair in real life and scenes from Petra's affair in the rehearsal room and in production. Three intersecting levels that create a complex tapestry of intrigue as reality becomes blurred. As opening night approaches, the affair becomes more intense. Decisions have to be made. Plans drawn up, boundary poles set in the turf. The script says there's a graveyard in the final scene. But who is getting buried? Scenes from an Affair is a fascinating look at passion and its life altering consequences, as Maupassant himself says: "I am going to tell you our story, for love has only one, which is always the same." 

Duration: 70 mins, Cast: 1 male, 1 female

Scenes from an Affair was first performed by The Arena Theatre Company at The Gauloises Warehouse, Cape Town, South Africa on March the 31st, 2000, as part of 'Fast Love' with Jan Ellis (A) and Anthea Thompson (B) The production was directed by Christopher Weare.

Sixteen Scenes for the New World (2002)
Sixteen Scenes for the New World is an epic cycle of short plays, containing some of Alex's most produced plays, that is designed to be performed over two evenings. The plays travel the globe over a twenty four hour period, exploring our world at the start of the new millennium. Beginning in Reykjavik, Iceland at midnight and finishing in Sydney the following midnight, each scene is set in a different country and linked by theme and tone as the play explores key issues of the world today: media, language, law, medicine, birth, death, love, fantasy, revenge, communication and hope. Throughout the play, passes the mysterious figure of a young boy who is either an onstage or offstage character in each of the scenes or one of the characters.

Duration: 240 mins Cast: Minimum - can be performed with a cast of 1 child, 6 male, 6 female, Maximum - 1 child, 22 male, 14 female

Sixteen Scenes for the New Worldwas first performed by the National Youth Theatre Company's Juniour Ensemble at CarriageWorks in Sydney, Australia on September 3rd, 2010. The production was directed by Lindsay Farris.

Sleeping Giants (2000)
Grandfather Macquarie, a missionary, has died, leaving behind 40 hectares and a large farm house. With no relatives or heir the land and house revert to the Local Council. Alderman Tim Quayle decides to hold a competition to see who should be given the land. Two parties apply: Gemma Lacey, an ambitious young Aboriginal girl, supported by the Local DOCS Officer Anne Michaels and Alan Wallace, a middle aged businessman and farmer with financial difficulties, who is co-erced into the contest by his employee Arthur Moggatt, who has made a crucial discovery on Macquarie's farm. As the tale unfolds other people become entangled: Penny Warren, Gemma's half sister, desperate to find a way out; Sarah Wallace, Alan's wife, discovering for the first time the man she married; and through it all Lloyd Stanley, a local Aboriginal jackeroo, putting things in perspective and desperately trying to keep the peace. What begins as a simple competition for a disused farm suddenly escalates into a struggle for survival as the old and the new, the native and the introduced, the black and the white fight for what they believe is rightly theirs.

Duration: 100 mins Cast: 4 female, 4 male

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some time blind (2006)
Dominic Barton , the son of Liberal party stalwart and legend - Don Barton, returns to Australia after many years away working as an aid worker with a NGO in African trouble spots. He brings with him his new wife, Lynne, a coloured South Africa. Dominic has been blinded, hopefully temporarily, by a land mine in Rwanda and has returned to Australia to help his recovery. He returns to a family that have issues of their own. After retiring from politics due to a stroke Don is planning to re-enter politics by running for the Federal Seat of Bradford, the seat he held for many years prior to his stroke. He's supported in this by his faithful wife, Janet, and his daughter, Kali. Unbeknownst to her father Kali, the black sheep of the family, is secretly hiding Ali, an Iraqi refugee, in her Melbourne home who escaped from the Woomera Detention centre in Easter 2002. When Kerry Malleson, a former long time adviser of the Barton family who is now working for the Labour Party, hears of Dominic's return to Australia he approaches Dominic with an opportunity - to run against his father for the seat of Barton. The play follows the lead up to the election and the battle between Don and Dominic with Kerry, Janet and Lynne also forced to choose sides. some time blind is about the returning of sight or clarity to one man - and hopefully a nation. It is about the loss of soul that this country has experienced under what many commentators describe as the "Howardisation" of Australia. A process that has seen "old fashioned" Australian values like family, mateship, compassion and empathy discarded in a never ending grab for money and power. In a country where Executives get $33 million bonuses but we don't have room for one refugee family - blindness seems a creeping sickness.

Duration: 140 mins Cast: 10 male, 5 female

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The Arrival (2004)
Written by Beejan Olfat, with dramaturgy by Alex Broun, this absorbing family drama explores the complex relationship between a mother and son in an Iranian family who have migrated to Australia.

15 mins Cast: 1 male, 1 female

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The Big One (2001)
The Big One is a pub comedy in every sense of the word. A very broad knockabout Australian farce but like all the best comedy - with a strong air of truth. It's about two struggling inner-city actors - Ken Lambert and his best friend, Lenny Brown - who make it all the way from their local pub to the big time - which in this case happens to be the Savannah plains of West Africa and the set of "Flamingo Dawn". There's a neurotic Hollywood director - Max McCoy, a beautiful local starlet - Penny Lawrence, a smarmy leading man - Clive Pearce, a crazy catering director - Burte Flanders and the hero of the play - the crafty barmaid - Henry Landon. Similar in style to Jez Butterworth's "Mojo" The Big One is a couple of hours of crazy, cheap to produce, fun for audiences and actors.

Duration: 100 mins Cast: 4 male, 2 female

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The Body in the Basement (2005)
Max and Eileen are enjoying a relaxed night at home in their comfortable upper North Shore residence, planning for their much anticipated "Spanish Fiesta". The "Fiesta" is a much welcome break from the "drudgery" of their lives and their disappointing children - the son who works at the local Video Ezy and the daughter who keeps disappearing on mysterious trips with her strangely wealthy boyfriend. But tonight Max and Eileen are putting that all aside, living it up with dreams of their Spanish adventure. There's pronunciations to be brushed up on, delicious tapas to be tasted and new Tango steps to try - "Ole !"  Then suddenly there is a thump in the basement. A cautionary comedy for neo-conservative times.

Duration: 70 mins Cast: 2 female, 2 male

The Body in the Basement premiered in a live-to-air performance from The Studio of the Sydney Opera House on July 3rd, 2005, broadcast on FBi 94.5. Directed by Sarah Goodes with live sound FX by Brett Maverix.
The Critic (2005)
Karl 'the Axe "Anderton" is the most powerful and scathing theatre critic in Sydney. The actors, directors and writers of the city walk lightly in his shadow all fearing a 'grand Slam' from the 'Axe' - which could sound the death knell on their career. Producers and publicists fawn over him, hoping to flatter him in to a good review. But when Anderton delivers a second "Grand Slam" to a young playwright, Alan Fisher, which results in the cancellation of his comeback play, Fisher believes the time has come to take matters into his own hands. Anderton has a secret... and when Alan discovers it, the "Axe" will receive a "Grand Slam" of his own! The Critic is more than 'the writer's revenge' - it's a provocative, funny and at times shocking expose of theatre, theatre criticism and the media. At its heart is a deadly power play between two men, one with everything, the other nothing, to lose.

Duration: 80 mins Cast: 2 male

The Critic premiered at The Crypt Theatre in Balmain in 2006 starring Bren Foster (pictured rear) as Alan and Richard Mason (front) as Karl, directed by Felicity Nicol, Produced by Louise Tychsen for Hullabaloo, with Dramaturg Adam Gelin, design by Rebecca Williams and lighting design by Larry Kelly.
The End of the World As We Know It (2003)
"It's the end of the world as we know it ... and I feel fine" - REM. 
A collection of ten short plays, The End of the World As We Know It circumvents the globe from Iceland to Australia on one never-ending New Year's Eve. Containing some of Alex's most produced ten minute plays, this collection is like a series of snapshots of a world hurtling down the path to oblivion. Or somewhere else. Plays contained in this collection are: Act 1 - The Death of Language: A Difficult Birth, Drew Barrymore and Sigmund Freud meet the Cookie Monster, The Celine Dion Songbook, Saturday Night Birmingham, Sunday Morning Walsall, The Gift of the Gun; Act 2 - Erase and Rewind: Beijing Big Mac, Tel Aviv Disco Bombing, The Choice, The Dead Son, The First Fireworks.

Duration: 120 mins Cast: 14 male, 9 female (Can be performed with as small a cast as 3 female, 3 male)

The End of the World as We Know It was first produced in Australia by PEP Productions at Doncaster Playhouse, Doncaster, Victoria on February 26th, 2014 (pictured). The production was directed by Justin Cleaver, Kym Davies and Ricky Watson and starred Amber Harris, Chris Gaffney, Colin Morley, Jalen Lyle-Holmes, Jayden Chivers, Jill Edwards, Kim Givens, Latecha Cadle, Martyn Bolland, Patt Ryan, Rebecca Friedman, Sarah Somers, Tim Blencowe and Wahyu Kapa. (Photo by Tim Blencowe.)

The Green Classroom (2001)
The Green Classroom is based on real events when my four Aunts - Mickie Hardie OAM, June Hayes OAM, Dot Woods and Wilga Dutton - were growing up in the 1920s on a property called Bassendean in the New England tablelands of New South Wales. The four sisters played regularly with the aboriginal children who also lived on the property. In 1928 the Aboriginal Protection Board, following W J's suggestion, decided to build a school for the aboriginal children who lived on the property. But Mickie and her sisters weren't happy when they found out their aboriginal playmate Minnie Bowden, would be going to school in the new classroom and not with them in the main house. The Green Classroom is the story of the four girls plan to have Minnie join them in their classes with their governess Miss Bridekirk. To realise their plan they have to overcome stern opposition from W J, the newly appointed teacher for The Green Classroom, Mr. Wood, and the Regional Director of the Aboriginal Protection Board himself. In the end it all comes down to a one off test where Minnie's future will be decided once and for all. But the girls have a plan for that too ! Fortunately for me all my Aunts - are all still alive and in remarkably good health (Touch wood !) even though they are well into their eighties and nineties.

Duration: 45 mins Cast: 5 female

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The Jacaranda Tree (2006)
"There is no truth. Only memory."
Rachel, Dan and Richard once were very close at University. They were known as "The Three Boozeteers" and did everything together. They were inseparable. Now, over ten years later, Richard arrives unexpectedly at the rammed earth house Dan has built for himself, Rachel and their son Simon in a remote part of the northern NSW countryside. Behind their idyllic house grows a beautiful Jacaranda tree, which is in full bloom when Richard arrives. But the tree hides a terrible secret. Over the course of the next week that secret, and more, emerges. The Jacaranda Tree combines elements of myth, mystery and a powerful quest for truth, all played out in front of an epic Australian landscape.

Duration: 100 mins Cast: 2 male, 1 female, 1 child

One of Alex's most acclaimed plays THE JACARANDA TREE was shortlisted for the 2004 Rodney Seaborn Playwright's Award, received an Honourable Mention in the Virtual Theatre Project's International Play Competition of 2004 and was workshopped as a part of Theatrelab 2005. It was produced in a sold out season at La Mama in Melbourne in 2006, directed by Nina Karol and starring (pictured) Liz McColl, Paul Pearson (right) and Jonathan Dyer. 

The letter H girl (2010)
Based on the tragic true story of Lillian Millicent "Peg" Entwistle, known as the "Hollywood Sign Girl", who jumped to her death off the Hollywood sign in California, USA. In Peg’s final moments she has a very unexpected visitor.

Duration: 20 mins Cast: 1 male, 1 female

The letter H girl was first performed at Writefest 2011 at the Progress Theatre, Reading in England. The production (pictured) was directed by Christopher Hoult with Libby Boyd as Peg and Tom Wansey as Thomas.

The Luncheon of the Boating Party (1999)
The Luncheon of the Boating Party by Auguste Renoir (1881) is one of the most popular and much loved paintings of all time. It's a delightful scene capturing members of a boating party, lunching outside on a balcony on a clear summer day, and is regarded as a classic of Impressionism, evoking a time of laughter, adventure and romance. But who are these people who fill up this vibrant and colourful canvas ? The Luncheon of the Boating Party takes us back to the Maison Fournaise, on the banks of the Seine, for a magical summer weekend in June 1880 and behind the scenes of the creation of one of the greatest masterpieces of all time. The plays tells not one story but many. Firstly it is the story of the birth of a great masterpiece. It is also the story of all the people in the painting and their interconnecting relationships - love triangles, love squared, love cubed. Finally the play is also the story of an artist, increasingly disillusioned with the direction his work is taking and trying to find the courage to head in a new direction. The Luncheon of the Boating Party is an evocative, rich and beautiful play about life, love and art.

Duration: 150 mins Cast: 10 male, 15 female

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The Prince of Brunswick East (2005)
It's about fathers. It's about family. It's about footy
Stan Williams was never much good at playing the game. But luckily he found something he was good at - supporting. Being there for his team, every Saturday - come wind, rain or hail - shouting out for his boys, the Brunswick Bulldogs. He cheers them on in victory and stands by them in defeat and his life is governed by whether the 'Doggies' win or lose. But Stan also has a family. A loyal wife and a son - Ryan. And family isn't always that simple. Unlike football it doesn't always stay between the white lines. Three generations of a family and 40 years of Australian history are played out in the shadow of the grandstand of the 'legendary' Brunswick Bulldogs Football Club. A play that explores what divides and binds fathers and sons - activism, alcoholism, women and football. 

Duration: 90 minutes Cast: 3 male

Runner up in The 2005 Rodney Seaborn Playwright's Award, The Prince Of Brunswick East premiered at The Old Fitzroy Hotel in Sydney in May 2006. Directed by Alex Galeazzi assisted by Pip Buining and starring Kim Knuckey, Mike Smith and Nick Osborne, design by Anthony Babicci, sound by Panos Couros.

Trip (2001)
Alan "The Tripper" Edwards is an infamous figure in Australian sporting folklore. In 1998 Edwards was running in the 800 metres in the Commonwealth Games alongside Australian sporting legend, Richie Setter, who was out to try and become the only man ever to win gold medals at four Consecutive Commonwealth Games. As the two runners entered the final bend Edwards was just in front of Setter, and as Setter ran past Edwards to begin his golden run, Richie suddenly fell. Just as if he'd been tripped. Edwards ran on to claim gold but rather than being hailed as a hero, he was castigated by sporting greats and the Australian public alike as the "bastard who tripped our Richie". We meet Alan - nearly ten years later. He's working as an advertising salesman on a cheap inner city newspaper. He lives hand to mouth, eking out a humble living in a lowly job. When his former girlfriend Lorna knocks him back on a much hoped for re-union and it seems his paper is on its last legs, Edwards thinks things can't get any worse. Then one day he meets a mysterious property developer and publican, John MacMasters, who offers him the answer to all his problems, the chance to start a new life, a way out - and all he has to do ... all he has to do ... 

Duration: 100 mins Cast: 6 male, 4 female

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Vicious Streaks (2004)
Vicious Streaks is a collection of seven of Alex's most popular ten-minute plays. The plays explore the edgier, darker (vicious) side of life and tackle difficult and complex issues such as mother-daughter relationships (The First Fireworks), solicitation and assisted suicide (The Gift of the Gun), terminal illness (The Celine Dion Songbook) and pub violence (Gone). These are counter-pointed with lighter explorations of advertising culture (Drew Barrymore and Sigmund Freud meet the Cookie Monster), the law (Rumpole of the Sydenham  Line) and one night stands (Saturday Night Newtown, Sunday Morning Newtown).

Duration: 100 mins Cast: 7 female, 9 male (Can be performed with a cast of 3 female, 3 male)

Vicious Streaks was performed at the Darlinghurst Theatre in Sydney in 2004, directed by George Ogilvie and Lee Lewis, with Peter Mochrie, Amanda Bishop, Jonathan Elsom, Jacinta John, Christine Greenough, Beejan Olfat and Rhys Robinson

This play is available to purchase through the Australian Script Centre

Vicious Treats (2005)
Vicious Treats is a collection of five of Alex's most popular plays. The plays explore the edgier, darker side of life and tackle difficult and complex issues such as mother-daughter relationships (The First Fireworks), solicitation and assisted suicide (The Gift of the Gun), terminal illness (The Celine Dion Songbook). These are counter-pointed with the “treats”, lighter explorations of the law (Rumpole of the Sydenham Line) and one night stands (Saturday Night Newtown, Sunday Morning Newtown). This specific collection is unproduced but separately the plays have had nearing 200 productions across the globe.

Duration: 80 mins Cast: 6 female, 5 male (Can be performed with a cast of 3 female, 3 male)

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we have spoken of this before (2005)
One day Maggie Roland, a well preserved woman approaching her fiftieth year, is walking home from the supermarket and finds something lying by the railway track. At first she isn't sure what the object is. But as she inches her way closer she realises the figure is actually a young woman, pencil thin, dressed in filthy black rags. But who is she ? Where did she come from ? And how did she end up lying beside the railway track ? Maggie decides to take her home. So begins we have spoken of this before - a powerful, haunting and atmospheric work that explores the growing bond between two damaged women - Maggie, scarred by never ending years of loneliness and a wasted but "comfortable" life and the girl, suffering from physical, mental and emotional abuse and barely clinging to life itself. At the heart of the play is also a slowly unravelling mystery adding more tension to this layered story about the timeless, almost mythic struggle for basic human needs - love, family and survival.

Duration: 110 minutes Cast: 2 female, 2 male

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