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When May, better known as the blogger “Betty Boo”, is approached in her local cafĂ© she thinks Jean just wants to congratulate her on her scathing report on the first night of the “Poetry Slam”. I mean it’s just an opinion right? Just a blog? Everyone has the right. And after all – everyone agreed. It was crap. Got its just desserts. Or did it? Can ‘bloggers’ just write whatever they think, even when they may be wrong…


blog was first produced in February 2008 at The Fine Arts Association in Ohio, USA, as part of the 12th Annual One Act Festival – “Hot from the Oven — a la carte”. Directed by Ann Hedger. Pictured is the 2014 production at the Doncaster Playhouse in Victoria, Australia, as part of The End of the World As We Know It, presented by PEP Productions, directed by Justin Cleaver, Kym Davies and Ricky Watson and performed by Amber Harris, Chris Gaffney, Colin Morley, Jalen Lyle-Holmes, Jayden Chivers, Jill Edwards, Kim Givens, Latecha Cadle, Martyn Bolland, Patt Ryan, Rebecca Friedman, Sarah Somers, Tim Blencowe and Wahyu Kapa.


2 female

First Prod


Running Time

10 mins