Chasing the Peloton


Joupredou. They call him “Le Grande” – “The Great One” because he carries the hope of the whole of France in his well toned muscles. To become the first Frenchman to win Le Tour de France in over twenty years. But all that is about to change. Joupredou wears the Maillot Jaune (Yellow Jersey). Joupredou is leading by two minutes and forty one seconds on Stage 17. Joupredou is going to win Le Tour de France. Then Joupredou falls. Now he finds himself riding alongside Vav, L’Espagnol – “The Spaniard” – le Lanterne rouge (The Red Lantern), the last rider, at the back of the field. His dreams of a famous victory as battered and scratched as his bicycle. But Vav has a plan. A comedy with men on bikes.


Chasing the Peloton was first produced at St Paul’s Grammar in Penrith, Australia in 2009. Directed by Jacqueline Tuting. Pictured is the StageFlight Drama School production at Pambula, NSW, Australia in 2015, directed by Lis Shelley and performed by Anna Auer (Jupredou) and Zach Hooker (Vav).


1 male, 1 female

First Prod


Running Time

10 mins