James Wright in NSAM 1

November Spawned a Monster


November Spawned a Monster is the companion piece to a play called Half a Person that had its debut  in Adelaide in 2007. Half A Person is a play about a dude named William who is understandably obsessed with The Smiths and Morrissey, experiencing a series of events that lead him to become torn between two important characters in his life. November Spawned a Monster is not a sequel, but it is more of the story of William who we meet as he is left at the end of Half a Person. Now we will see William as he is forced to make some very important choices in his life that will help him with facing reality and, essentially choosing to grow up as a person. He is still obsessed with The Smiths and Morrissey, which play a big part in his life, but for gen-X’ers, that is an obsession the bulk of us completely understand.


November Spawned a Monster was first performed by Fly on The Wall Theatre on October 28th 2014. It was held at the Old Fitzroy Hotel Theatre in NSW Australia. It was Directed by Rob Chuter and performed by James Wright.


1 male



Running Time

70 minutes

No of Prods



October 28th, 2014