Qwendolyns Gambit

Qwendolyn’s Gambit


A quiet Sunday afternoon, the corner of a chessboard. Razza, the Rook, Brendan, the Bishop and Pattie, the Pawn, aren’t very impressed by their snooty new Queen, Qwendolyn, But they’re in for a surprise. A comedy for young performers and audiences about how appearances can be deceptive.


Qwendolyn’s Gambit was first produced as a part of Heart Shaded Blue at The Newtown Theatre, Sydney, Australia. Directed by Wayne Tunks.Pictured is the Act of KAA Student Theatre production as part of the KAA Festival at Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia in 2013, performed by Viktoria Verebova, Hanka Matuskova, Suzie Kriva and Gabriele Gabs.


1 female, 5 male/female

First Prod


Running Time

5 mins