Rupert Dubai Short+Sweet 2

Rupert and the Seven Russian Email Brides


When Petra meets Rupert one day at work, he seems quite nice. Maybe they could go out sometime. But first she has to fight off the competition – Darya, Tatyana, Vera, Alena, Sabryn B, Natalia and Olga. A comedy about being very, very lucky in love.


Rupert and the Seven Russian Email Brides was first produced as part of Xmas Sushi by Actor’s Anonymous at Newtown Theatre in Sydney, Australia in December, 2008. The production was directed by Larry Kelly with Steven McGrath as Rupert, Stella de Zotti, Ali Aitken, Tanya Ann Powell, Sally Williams, Olga Kornijenko, Arianna Lindley, Georgie Edwards and Marla Johst. Pictured is the author with the cast and director of the 2013 production as part of Short+Sweet Dubai at the Kilachand Studio, DUCTAC, Dubai, UAE, directed by Liz Hadaway and performed by Stefan Malinowski (Rupert), Olivia Middleton (Petra), Arifa Fatikhova (Vera), Natalie Webhe (Natalia), Krestina Soshnina (Tatyana), Lynsey Marie Wright (Sabryn B), Coline Schep (Alena), Lili Green (Darya) and Manjunath Naidu (Olga).


1 male, 8 female

First Prod


Running Time

10 mins